In a reinsurance world crowded with complexity, simple experiences stand out.

We are Europe’s largest employee owned facultative reinsurance broker, part of the world’s largest employee-owned insurance group, our people are entrepreneurs, market leaders in their field who are looking to grow their own business across a very diverse range of reinsurance specialisms. Their ideas, drive and creativity underpin solutions for reinsurance clients in over 50 countries around the world. We have a simple proposition built on making things as straightforward as possible for clients. Our business model attracts people with the expertise and experience to get to the heart of clients’ challenges, their drive and hunger for opportunity deliver the right solutions for clients.

Of course the best way to experience the difference this approach makes is to work with us, so whether the need is primary, deductible buy-down, risk retention, sideways protection, buffer, exposed excess layer, quota share protection, MGA or a facility reinsurance, or anything else, talk to us. We aim to make the decision to work with us a simple one.

Our expertise

We draw on facultative and specialty reinsurance to create customised solutions that provide real competitive advantage for clients and diverse risk management requirements.

Our ability to build reinsurance solutions for portfolios and facilities is a key element of our product offering.

Some of the most complex and hazardous energy, mining, terrorism, real estate, complex property and CAT risks are placed by us.

Our credibility

40+ reinsurance professionals.

Have built team using carefully selected experienced practitioners from a cross-section of territories and specialities.

Premium transacted in excess of $250,000,000 with global reinsurance market.

Specific captive reinsurance capabilities.

Part of the Hyperion Insurance Group

Hyperion is an international insurance intermediary group with a unique distribution model.